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General rules and regulations 

The school authorities take strict measures to see that the school is run in a well-disciplined manner. The following are to be strictly observed:

  • Students must come to the school in proper school uniform.

  • Student are expected to attend all terminal exams including the final on the absence of which he/she may not be granted admission to the higher grade.

  • All the student are required to pay their fees and other dues on the prescribed date due to the failure of which the parent / guardian will have to pay a fine as stipulated.

  • A student will be expelled form the school on conduct of violation of the rules and regulations of the school.

  • In case the student world request a leave of absence he must forward a letter of absence duly signed by the concerned parent or by the local guardian addressed to the school teacher concerned.

  • Once registered the students will not be permitted to withdraw from the school. In case of such withdrawals the school shall not be obliged to refund the fees.

  • In case of misunderstanding or disputes, the school management has the final authority to made its decision. New rules and regulations may be formulated so as to keep tend with the modern approach towards teaching and for the betterment  of the school and for the welfare of the parents as well.


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